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Answers to frequently asked questions

What's the difference between STW7 blue and STW7 red line?

We admit that proving differences in sound regarding the material of diaphragm of STW7 blue line and STW7 red line is practically impossible for us with the measurement opportunities we can use. STW7 red line has got diaphragms made of Polyester PET also known as Mylar and STW7 blue line stands for our sound transducer skinned with diaphragms made of Polyvinylchlorid (PVC). We limit ourselves to the free field measurement of frequency response in our small semi-anechoic room. As a matter of principle we make an effort to achieve a nearly linear horizontal frequency response for both versions in the range 40-15000Hz primarily in pattern cardioid. For measurement we install our sound transducer STW7 in a little reflective housing. We use the Neumann U67 housing. Using STW7 together with the lollipop M7 housing causes that the frequency response of STW7 is less linear but equates to the characteristic frequency response of Neumann M7.
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Can you clean the diaphragms of sound transducers?

We rarely clean the diaphragms of sound transducers. Cleaning could reduce noise but success will be often only of short time. Reducing noise by cleaning concerns only sound transducers with a partially metalized diaphragm. Only the part of diaphragm that is not metalized (= isolation) is responsible for increasing noise caused by higher humidity (especially when the mic is used for close speech). Dust and dirt on diaphragms can be reduced by the cleaning with destilated water but it won't be as clean as a new diaphragm. read more

How can I send my order?

Please contact us by e-mail before you send any order. We kindly ask to send your order together with a short description of failure and your contact details. As EU customer you can send by your chosen parcel service. Please send it to:

Thiersch elektroakustik
Siegfried Thiersch
Am Dorfplatz 22
07907 Schleiz OT Möschlitz

If you like to send from outside the EU we kindly ask to contact us for further instructions before you send any repair order. If you intend to send from outside the EU please send by parcel service e.g. like FedEx, DHL or UPS and NOT by standard mail.

How can I pay the work performed?

When we finished work with your order you will get an info about the total amount that you can pay by bank transfer or by PayPal(+fees).

Which parcel service will transport the parcel?

After dealing with your order, we use the service of the „Deutsche Post“ or DHL to return your parcel. If desired, it is possible to use another parcel service.

How long will processing take?

The processing depends on volume and extent of your order and we can’t give a statement of overall duration. We intent to deal with your order as soon as possible and try to meet the deadline.

What kind of microphones are repaired in your company?

For information regarding microphone types, please see category "service".

In summary we offer our service for almost all microphones by Neumann.

Can I get back replaced components?

Frequently, in repairing microphone amplifiers, components need to be replaced. If desired, we will return to you the defected components. Please infom us if you like to get old parts back when you send any order - before we start repair.